Offshore Developments & Airports

The following are examples of ancillary applications which can be accommodated and function all year long, providing additional economic savings by the Offshore Ocean Energy System. NB: This is NOT an exhaustive listing.

Airport (floating offshore)

Aquaculture which also includes on-board fish nursery & fish processing/packing plant




LNG Liquefaction & Re-gasification Facilities


Offshore Floating Real Estate

Offshore Security Port


Additional applications:

- Marine minerals mining

- Desalination plant & baseload electricity generation

- Floating Real Estate

- Offshore Ro-Ro and/or container port

- Europe 2020 - Blue Economy - Blue Growth 2013

- Maritime economic activity Float Europe Proposal Mature Stage

- Coastal protection Breakwater/Floating Real Estate

- Coastal tourism & yachting Breakwater/Universal Marina

- Short-sea shipping Breakwater/Commercial port

- Offshore oil & gas Offshore Floating Real Estate - Growth stage

- Offshore wind Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System

- Cruise tourism Commercial port

- Maritime monitoring & surveillance Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System

- Marine aquatic products Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System - (Pre-) development stage

- Blue Biotechnology Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System

- Ocean renewable energy Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System