Rho-Cee Wave Energy Converter


Rho-Cee Wave Energy Converter

The Rho-Cee Wave Energy Converter (ρC) is a broadband, impedance-matched wave energy conversion structure that efficiently transforms the hydrodynamic power of waves into usable electrical energy.

The renewable energy generated by the Rho-Cee WEC systems can be used on-board the Pneumatically Stabilized Platform in various application configurations, or it can be transferred ashore via submarine cable.

If the energy generated is not required for immediate use, electricity can be converted into compressed air and stored within the interstitial spaces of the PSP. It is estimated that the interstitial spaces of the PSP provide 10MWh capacity per hectare.

1_HERO_Rho-Cee WEC tank test

Our tank tests revealed that the Rho-Cee WEC capture rate ranges from 50% to 94% depending on wave activity.

4_Ohmsett BOEM Tank testing facility Dec2009