Float Europe and the LNG SOLUTIONS Summit 24-25 Oct 2017 at Nice, France

Float Europe presentation during LNG Solutions 2017 conference.

Float Europe is a development company managing innovative applications of MULTI-USE PLATFORMS for use in offshore depths of seas and oceans.  I will expose MULTI-USE PLATFORM applications capable of responding to the most difficult installations offshore.

 In May 2002, Float Incorporated proposed a port security strategy titled “Beyond the Horizon” and published a white paper which was distributed to most of the agencies that are involved in homeland security in the USA.   Although the USA Department of Homeland Security was not yet established, the idea received much favorable response. The Offshore Security Port sketch has a surface of 160 hectares with calm water zone (vessel berthing & maneuver area) to the leeward side.

European Union grand total for year 2015 was 576,518 vessels for 12 multi-port gateway regions.

I call your attention to the European Union areas – Atlantic Arc and Mediterranean Sea zones – keeping in mind Europe’s ports facing major challenges:

  • EU population estimate for 2030 = 739 Million.
  • The situation of a high predicted growth = 50% growth of cargo handling predicted by year 2030 represents an increase of 288,259 vessels for an overall total of 864,777 vessels!

Float Incorporated’s patented Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System (OFOES) is designed to provide Multi-Use Platform applications suitable for various maritime economic activities as well as being designed for candidate site specifics, and additionally, floating real estate applications both near and offshore emplacements.

Click on the following link to download a copy of our PowerPoint presentation from the event – Float Europe marine technology with public information LNG